In Death, Life

A great roar drummed into her ears, and her hand flinched away from her neck. The ground vibrated, the trees snapping its empty branches against each other. Eris’s hunger still overwhelmed her sense of alarm, and she tightened her grasp on the cub, spilling more blood onto her armor as she sprinted towards the crack in the mountain. She ran out of breath only after a few steps. Her body was failing. But she needed the carcass. She needed to eat, to eat, to eat.

Eris stumbled and fell on her side. Her head hit by something akin to a soft pillow, and then a great force pressed on her chest. The cub rolled away from her grasp. She tried to raise her arm to retrieve her kill, but she lacked the strength to even draw air into her lungs.

Here it was — the end to everything. Eris was surprised that her eyes found the time to flicker between the silhouette of the massive figure that pinned her down, and the raised claw that looked to tear her apart. Above the crossed branches, she could just make out the carpet of stars that she always wanted to see.

She closed her eyes and made no struggle.

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